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Dianne Bown-Wilson winner of the August 2015 contest.

Dianne Bown-Wilson
Winner of the August 2015 contest

James Stark, winner of the September 2015 contest.

James Stark
Winner of the September 2015 contest



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A few words about Fictuary

We’re a small group of readers and writers. We love short fiction, and we want to make it popular again.

There was a time when the short story was one of humanity’s most prevalent art forms. Byron was once the most popular artist in England with his tales of sordid sorcerers, sensual spirits, and gothic castles. Edgar Allen Poe brought a wave of shock and horror to the American Public. Mark Twain’s career was jump-started by a humorous short.

We’re also devoted to helping grassroots writers, so, if you like a story, don’t forget to check out that writer’s blog and bio.

Most importantly, just sit back, relax, and let yourself be transported into another world.

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